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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have lost my magic powers...

Never in all my life have I had poison ivy....until now.  I have had the chicken pox TWICE, but never had poison ivy...until now.  I have hit a bat with my car antenna, but have never gotten poison ivy...until now.  I have been on a game show, but never had poison ivy...until now.  I have broken my nose, but never had poison ivy...until now.  I have been stitched up so many times that I lost count, but never had poison ivy...until now.

Basically, I'm telling you that never in my entire crazy life have I gotten poison ivy...until now.  And there is one thing I am absolutely certain of.  That poison ivy was created by the devil himself.  UGH!!!  Chicken pox might be better than this...okay, I take that back.  The pox would be worse...especially if it were your THIRD time to have it. 

My husband just laughs at me, I mean, considering the very small rash I have on both arms/elbows.  He's had it all his life.  He's one of those people who can "look" at poison ivy and then starts itching.  But me, until now...I could just squeak past that gosh awful plant and nothing would happen. 

What is happening in the world????  Has the earth begun to rotate backwards????  I have lost my magic powers.  Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!.....

Maybe my husband has stolen them...

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