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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help...my new washer is having a complex problem

Right before the kids and I left for Dallas our washing machine broke...I mean completely died, would not come on, light up, spin...you get the idea.  Rather than spend a boatload of money to fix the problem, my husband and I decided to go ahead and buy a new washer.  Oooo, I just tingle with delight at that thought.   A new washer...a new fancy, smancy, much larger washer.  Yeah!!! 

Well, we went out the very next day to buy one and it was delivered the week we were in Dallas.  For reasons better left unsaid, my husband had strict rules not to touch or start the washer, much less look at it...okay, he "could" look at it...but seriously, he was never going to go in there and gaze in awe at it.  That was my job when I returned. 

Fast forward to now and I am learning very quickly that my new washer has a complex problem.  It wants very much so to be a musical instrument.  At the very end of the cycle, it doesn't  buzz, clink or even ding out like a normal washing machine.  Nope.  It plays a musical tune with 7 pages, 96 measures and a big brass band accompanying it in the background.  Alright...minus the band. 

But...it does play a tune.  I found someone had posted the same song on YouTube so here you go...enjoy the new musical instrument I have in my house.

...here's hoping my grand piano doesn't get jealous

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