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Monday, April 13, 2009

25 is our magic number...

I am a bit of an optimist really...you know, the glass is half full kind of person. So when we were told this past week that we are the 25th family on the referral list to receive a child I decided to look at it from a different perspective... a positive one. O.k....I know it's a stretch but it's better than thinking we're never going to get a referral. So here goes...what are all the good things that have the number 25 in it?

Well...Christmas is on the 25th day. In 2007, Americans consumed about 25 pounds of candy per capita. There are 25 minutes in a Backyardigans show (that's 25 minutes I can get a few things done around the house). The number 25 is easily divisible by 5's and when you are out in public and need to practice a little math...25 is your number. Since this morning, 25 is the amount of money I have in my wallet (unless my husband has raided it for haircut money...hmmm...). And in the summer, I have at least 25 different kinds of flowers growing in my yard at any given point.

O.k...I know this is definitely a stretch for anybody really...and most definitely pretty hokey (that's right...I said it "hokey"...from the south, remember?). But it will keep me staying positive in the midst of a mountain of waiting. So from now on...

25 is our magic number...

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  1. Love your attitude! I'll be praying those first 24 go quickly!