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Thursday, April 16, 2009

That was so easy Mom!

Today and tomorrow are my two oldest children's testing days. In the state in which we live (it's different in every state), if you want to home school your children then you are required by law to have your kids either: be followed by a licensed teacher, keep a portfolio all year long of all their work or have your kids take a standardize test (the same tests that the public school kids take every year). We always choose to have them take the tests. I like having the scores documented by the state and see where they compare with other children of their age. Being this is our fourth year homeschooling, it's really second nature for our kids to take the test...me...it's another story.

I'm the one who frets and worries about whether they'll get the answers right. Or whether they'll have enough time to finish or remember all of the stuff I've taught them over the past year. I'm the one who has practically drilled them everywhere they've gone this past week with questions like..."do you remember what a synonym is?"...or "o.k., tell me what a proper noun is?"...or "what's 8 x 9?"

So when I dropped them off this morning...my son leaned over and told me..."don't worry Mom, we'll do just fine." I smiled as he walked away and said a quick prayer..."Lord, grant me the ability to let go and let my children be what you want them to be..."

Three hours later...the kids ran out smiling and yelling..."that was so easy Mom!" Thank you, Lord...I just wish parenting were that easy.

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