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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A big green smelly ball...

Around this time every year I begin to bug my husband for somewhat of an unusual item - my Mother's day gift. Now, it's not the same thing every year that I ask for...but let's just say...that's it's not your standard, run-of-the-mill Mother's day gift.

Take for instance...a couple of years ago we were in the middle of renovating our house and I asked him for a ladder (...not just any kind of ladder...but the kind that bends into all kinds of directions). Oooh, just thinking about it gets me all excited...because I love to renovate/paint/tile just about anything. Weird, I know...but it's what I love. Another year I asked for a complete flower garden and last year,I believe,I asked for a nail gun...unfortunately, my husband drew the line on that one (given my accident prone nature...I really wasn't surprised).

So this year, I plopped down next to him with the laptop and it went something like this..."Oooh, look what I found, honey." "What?" "It's a ball composter. You see, you take weeds, food scraps and leaves and put them in the ball...roll it around...and in about a month you get good compost for my vegetables and flowers." "So let me get this straight...this year you want a big green smelly ball for Mother's day?"


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