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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The garden has left the building...

These past few days my husband's parents have been visiting us...and with their visit comes lots of help...and that help just happens to be with my vegetable garden. Now, I am an avid perennial gardener but this is my first year for a vegetable garden. My mother and father in-law have always had a large garden...so suddenly I became the student...and they the teachers. I learned so much as we tilled and planted. I learned about spacing and how the plant is going to grow. I found it all so incredibly fascinating while truly enjoying spending time with them.

It's times like these that I miss the fact that we are so very far from any of our family...it's at least 12 hours in many different directions to get to some of them. And while we planted and laughed and talked throughout the day, I was so happy to have had this time. Especially when I can go down to the basement (where all the plants were growing "way out of control") and we can finally say...

...the garden has left the building

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