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Monday, April 20, 2009

What a transformation...

Last year, my smallest learned to play soccer for the first time during the Fall soccer season. Her Dad was the coach and I must admit that he was incredibly patient with the group of 6 kids on her team (all 4 -5 year old). We went to each game hoping for her to get her first goal (or any goal for that matter)...no such luck. This season it's a different story.

This past Saturday she had her second game of the Spring soccer season and her Dad is again the coach. I'm not sure who loves it more...the coach or my smallest. All my husband could say all day after the game was..."4 goals!"..."4 goals!" That's right...She scored 4 goals in one game. And I tell you, there was some serious whoopin' and hollerin' from this southern momma. This year it just seems that the soccer techniques are just clicking for her and I am truly excited for her. Boy was she so proud to have scored so many. To come from the little girl who barely even touched the ball last year...to the girl who really doesn't care who she tackles to get to the goal.

...that is some kind of transformation

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