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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

...moving on up and out

O.k...I have been blessed. Blessed with lots and lots of hair. I mean the kind of hair that on many more days than I care to admit...has a mind of it's own. I mean the amount of hair that looks so wild after a run that's it's no wonder no one has ever bothered me - I can only imagine how crazy I must look coming down the street. I can hear it now..."Quick, honey...grab the kids. Here comes that wild looking woman again...run for your life!" Now, I'm not really complaining...I was just thinking...wishing really...that the big hair from the 80's would come back.

Being almost 40, (you can do the math...), I grew up during the 80's and big hair was such the fashion. Boy was I in my element. I mean I could tease it up somethin' fierce...it would make even the boy hair bands at that time jealous. Fast forward to present and the hair styles have come back down to earth a bit...and I am at a loss. There is a lot more effort involved now taking a naturally curly/wild hair and making it look somewhat fashionably straight.

So ladies...until we bring back the big hair from the 80's, I'm going to have to have what I affectionately call my "Jefferson days".

...you know...hair that is moving on up and out.

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