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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

...the return of the big pink bear

"Mommy"...my little one yelled this morning at 4:15. I scrambled to wake up enough to run up the stairs (we thought the master on the main floor was a good idea...not so good at 4:15 in the morning). I ran in not knowing what had happened...but found my smallest sitting up in bed stretching out her arms to me. I held her tight. She had had a bad dream. We've all been there...each and every one of us. But to my five year old...it means only one thing...the return of the big pink bear.

You see, the big pink bear is a very large pink care bear that sits up high on a shelf and rarely comes down (...except, of course, for loud thunderstorms or bad dreams).

As I began to pull away to get the bear, she held me even tighter and said..."not yet, mommy...I'm not done being scared". My heart melted...I would have stayed there all night. Finally with a yawn and one last squeeze she said she was ready. As I placed the bear next to her she looked up at me and said "I love you mommy"...

...and that was enough for me

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