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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...thanks for the laugh little brother

My little brother has been blessed with a wonderful gift. It's the gift to make people laugh. Now, I'm not talking the class clown kind of laugh, but the whole heart from the belly kind of laugh. You know, the kind of laugh that when you are done your eyes water and your sides hurt. I love being around him. He's full of life and energy...you can just feel it.

My little brother is a free-lance writer and an independent film producer. Many of his films are comedic versions involving sports and "men-stuff" (which I don't always understand...because I'm not into sports...but, I can appreciate the unique view of it). However, he just produced a short film and I must tell you that I laughed until my sides hurt over this one. At first I really had no idea where this film was going...wondered a little about my little bro...but then realized in the end...just how clever he really was. (...my favorite is the very last line...).

This film was accepted to the Chicago comedy short video and film festival. Can't wait to see how it does. Either way, I'm proud of him.

...thanks for the laugh little brother

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