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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who knows what you just might find...

Today, the kids and I found ourselves in the midst of a huge neighborhood garage sale. Every street we went down there was house after house with a garage sale. Now, I love and adore garage sales. With three children and two more (hopefully) on the way from Ethiopia, we have to not only feed and entertain this army but we also have to prepare to pay for that many college educations. Thus...the reason I love garage sales. You can find whatever you might need...as long as you are a little patient with your searching. I have found anything from bikes, to clothes, to way too many toys to count.

My favorite find of all at a garage sale was several years ago. It was a HUGE box filled to the brim with Lego's. I actually had to talk my husband into buying it for $100.00. Now, you have to understand that this box had hundreds of sets of Lego's (with instructions) but they were literally dumped into the box. All he saw was the work involved and all I saw was the investment...come to find out...we were both right. It took us one year to separate the colors and then one by one put together all of the Lego sets. (The pictures below is when our year long project was winding down and there wasn't too much left) In the end we had tub after tub after tub filled with Lego sets labeled and placed in plastic ziploc bags and stored away...hundreds of them.

Now, you might be asking what we are planning to do with them all...I joke with my husband that I'm going to send all of us on a vacation somewhere warm. Who knows? For now, I no longer have to talk my husband into any of my garage sale finds.

...cause who knows what you just might find

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  1. That is insane! And totally something I can see THIS type A couple doing! :)