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Friday, May 1, 2009

A little bit of Prozac...please?

Having grown up in the South, I am, by far, EXTREMELY unfamiliar with many of the customs the Midwest has...unfortunately for one little boy May day baskets just happens to be one of them. Apparently, the custom is for the kids in the neighborhood to fill plastic cups with candy and popcorn then "sneak" up to a neighbor's house and ring the doorbell and "flee". Now...here's where it would have been nice to have known this before I scolded a kid about ringing doorbells and running. Poor thing...I mean...really. The motherly instinct took over and I told him that it wasn't nice and everything (all the while not even looking down to see why he had done it). After he left, I looked down...and my heart sank. Oh yeah...I felt just that bad. So I found my shoes and went outside to try and find the boy (great...now, I looked like a stalker). After explaining profusely to a now petrified eleven year old about growing up in the South and being unfamiliar with it all I apologized again and again. Needless to say...I am in need of two things

...a book about Midwest customs and a little bit of Prozac

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