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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only a Grandmom...

Only a Grandmom...would fly all the way across the United States with an entire suitcase filled with fabric and patterns

Only a Grandmom...would spend hours upon hours sewing clothes and then call it her "vacation"

Only a Grandmom...would plop down in front of movie with her grandkids that she's seen hundreds of time

Only a Grandmom...would stop everything in order to play "beanie pet shop"

Only a Grandmom...would let her grandkids mess up her hair and make-up (which she just put on) with hugs and kisses

Only a Grandmom...would give her last $20.00 and not think twice about it

This isn't only a Grandmom...this is OUR Grandmom and we miss you already!

Hurry back soon!

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  1. I had a wonderful sewing vacation and loved every minute of it! After a long day of flying yesterday (it isn't easy getting in and out of the Northwest!), we're finally home...but I miss all of you so much already!

    I Love you,