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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Havin' ourselves a little sewin' party...

My Mom has flown in for a little visit these past few days and we are just "havin' ourselves a little sewin' party." Now I understand to some people this may sound like agony (my husband for one...) but to my Mother and I it's been fantastic. We have spent hours in the fabric store (by ourselves I might add...a rarity) and have planned and cut fabric for umpteen outfits for the kids. Really all because I have trouble finding clothes for the girls that are both "age-appropriate" as well as well made (not to mention inexpensive...I think I'm asking for the world here...). So we have reverted to making a ton of dresses and summer outfits. The girls are ecstatic and can't wait for us to get done.

Let's just see if our sewing machines hold out...

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  1. I know of a brand-new one sitting unused, but I might require some lessons in return for the lend! :)