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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's that smell???

"Freeze...no one move!" The kids and the dog had just come up the deck stairs (they had been playing in the sandbox) and were about to go into the house. "Alright...hold still. What's that smell?" I suddenly became the much needed drill sergeant of stinky smells. "No one goes inside that smells that bad".

So there they lined up from largest to smallest and one with the tail stuck on the end. It was quite obvious as I went down the line...the one with the tail hung her head way low and gave herself away.

What is it with dogs and stinky smells. Why must they not only find the stink, but then proceed to roll around in it. UGH! So there I was rolling out the hose in the yard to bathe the dog (no way under God's green earth was I going to let that stinky dog in my house).

...here's hoping I've got enough soap

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  1. I'm laughing out loud here just looking at that pseudo-innocent look on her face! It's like she was actually TRYING to look innocent...hmmmm I guess that was your first clue, huh?! aawww...she's still a sweet grandpuppy.

    Love & miss you,