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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Put on your thinking caps...

Now, I buy something every summer...lots of it...and I have no clue what's in it or how to make it. But what I do know is that my kids love it...they go through it like water on some days. It's bubbles.

It's amazing to me that someone out there came up with such a simple idea that brings so much joy to my kids. Dipping a wand "thingy" in a bucket of "something or other" and you get this perfectly round airy bubble...way cool! Sidewalk chalk is another fantastic creation of someone out there. The kids can draw for hours and create the most beautiful masterpieces...then a rainstorm comes and...viola!...I get my driveway back.

Now, if I could just get someone to invent a kitchen that cooks dinner, laundry that cleans and folds itself and grass that never gets weeds.

Come on now people...put on your thinking caps...

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