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Monday, May 18, 2009

No tellin' what the neighbors must think...

Now I really do find humor in the little things in life. I mean what fun would it be if we never laughed a little at ourselves. I just happen to laugh a lot at me...what does that say about me?

So, while my Mom is here for a couple more days I decided that I would try and get a few things done that almost never get done...ever! One of which is steam clean the carpets. I have a wonderful steam cleaner which looks and handles a lot like a vacuum. So after I cleaned our master bedroom and the living room, I thought I would hall outside the entry way rug and clean it out on the deck. Now, it was while I had the steam cleaner going that I realize how funny this must look. Oohh...I can hear the conversations now...

"Hey, honey. Would you look at that? That lady over there is vacuuming up her deck...somethin' fierce. Why, I knew they were crazy but this just tops the cake."

Really...no tellin' what the neighbors must think...

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