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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These are the moments I never want to forget...

Maybe it was the floor cleaner talking (I'd been mopping our wood floors), or maybe it was the fact that we had been couped up in the house all day because it was pouring down rain...but the look on my kids faces was priceless. Here's how it went...

"Hey kids...I've got a crazy idea." "What?" "How would you like to go outside and play in the rain?" There was no sound for about two seconds (an amazing feat in our house) and then there was a hoopin' and hollerin' you would not have believed.

So we grabbed our ponchos from our camping gear and put on our swim shoes and out we tromped through the rain (it was raining so hard that even the dog didn't want to come). The creek behind our house had overflowed and we went wading in that as well as every other puddle we could find. In the end we ended up completely soaked, tired and made a memory to last a lifetime.

These are the moments I never want to forget...

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry I missed this one! Maybe it will rain the next time I come...

    Love and miss you,