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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Man shopping at its best...

This weekend we had the fun of going to Omaha, Nebraska to do a little shopping..."man shopping" I should say. Now, if you are unfamiliar with "man shopping" then let me enlighten you.

We walked into Nebraska Furniture Mart (an ENORMOUS furniture store) to buy a couple of TVs and 3 bar stools. My husband took the lead and went straight to the Electronics section of the store. The kids and I stood around for a moment and just watched in amazement. In about 20 minutes he had bought 2 TVs, a wall mount, wires and a few other smaller electronic items. I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked him..."Don't you want to "browse" around and see all the different types they have to offer?". "Nope...I know what I want." And that was that.

Next, it was my turn. We headed over to the bar stools area to buy 3 (keep in mind that they are all three the same...). I shopped and looked and sat and after an hour at looking at all they had to offer...I asked my husband..."Come over here and tell me what you think". The glazed look in his eyes told me it was no use...

...cause to him "man shopping" is the only way to go

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