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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do it again, Mom...

For the past couple of days my kids have watched the movie Bolt. We checked it out from the library and since we only have it for three days, they wanted to see it each day. If you've not seen it yet, the movie is about a dog who thinks it has "super" powers...it's pretty cute.

That being said, my 5 year old daughter comes in from playing outside and says..."Mommy, I have a question." "What's your question?" I said. "Do you have any special powers...you know, like Bolt?" "Hmmm...let me see." I said scanning around the kitchen. I had just made a lasagna, put it in the oven and had cleaned up all the mess (point being, she never saw me make dinner...). "I bet I can make dinner appear in the oven...watch." She fixed her eyes on me as I pretended to stare directly at the oven. "O.k., this might take a minute...but watch." She looked at me intently with a little smile. "Whew...that was tough, but I think it's done." I opened the oven door and showed her the lasagna.

She laughed and said..."Do it again, Mom..."

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