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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting very good at the dishes...

Right off the bat let me just say that my husband is a brilliant man. His brain is much like a vast amount of information stuck in there just bustin' to come out...80's information I might add. Me, I just live in the moment and probably forget it, in just a few moments (not really...but kind of), much less can I recall something from my childhood.

His favorite thing to do is 80's song trivia. We listen to the 80's channel on XM/Satellite a lot. Now, this man knows his 80's songs. We both grew up in the 80's era, but apparently I was sleeping when "Bow, wow, wow" or "Talk, talk" came out with their song. But my husband would know. That man knows A LOT of music from the 80's. So when a song comes on the 80's Satellite radio station it goes much like this... "Quick who sings this song...loser gets to do the dishes." I scramble to find someone that it might sound like and most often fail. I mean I don't even get close to the singer....

...but I am getting very good at the dishes

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