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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A little "thank-you" note...

Alright...I knew it was going to be a big shopping day before we even went. Yesterday, my smallest and I went to Costco to do our "monthly" shopping. Now, I am at Costco about every couple of weeks, but I normally don't buy meats or cleaning stuff or even that much cheese each time. But it was time to restock our extra fridge/freezer and pantry with the staples that we go through in a month. (Now, I did buy 1,000 Band aids and I'm banking on that being a lifetime supply...we'll see)

I have learned from experience that going with a flatbed is the way to go. Awkward, yes...but you have a large amount of room and I can seat kids each on a different corner, if needed. After a hour of being there we had that flatbed so packed full that one person actually asked us if we were buying for a company...sad, really. But I have learned from experience that this is by far the cheapest way to feed our family...even if you have to buy 20 lbs of flour or 30 cans of corn.

You'd just think that a "thank-you" note would come from Costco with that...

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