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Monday, July 20, 2009

The domino effect...

O.k....you know the domino effect, right. First one thing must happen, then another has to happen and so on. It's a bit like the kid's book "If you give a mouse a cookie" (where this mouse wants a cookie, then milk, then a napkin and so on). Well, my domino effect started with a piece of fabric.

In the nursery for the new babies, my husband and I decided that the theme would be a safari theme. So I shopped all over to find a safari bedding. I couldn't find anything pre-made that I liked but I did find fabric...and boy is it cute. Well, that began the domino effect. Of course, with the fabric I had to pick the color and paint the nursery on Saturday. On Sunday, I had to have my husband move all the nursery furniture (the crib, dresser, glider, etc.) upstairs from storage. On Monday, I began making all the crib accessories (so far I've made the dust ruffle from the fabric) Today, I'm making some sheets and the bumper pad that goes around the crib. My husband calls it my "nesting" but to me...

...it's just my domino effect (and at the end are "hopefully" two really cute Ethiopian babies)

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  1. Oooh, it looks beautiful! Happy nesting/domino!