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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July everyone...

Every fourth of July we go and visit my husband's parents. They live on 180 acre farm (minus all the animals...except our dog we bring), and I have to tell you I love it here. The pace is slow and relaxing and the kids can roam free without a care in the world. They have a pool and by the end of each day our kids are worn out so much that there is no trouble getting them to sleep. Their church does an amazing firework show and cookout (and they even throw in lots of inflatables as well). It's just a great time.

Now my favorite thing to do here is run. I run all the time...in any weather, but here it's a little different. Here I get to run on a road that cars are few and cows outnumber everyone. (O.k....that scares me, but I can suddenly become an Olympic sprinter if chased by a cow) Today I decided to sign up for a local 5k held in a tiny town nearby. My husband was wonderful enough to be my cheering section for the morning (with help from the grandparents, we could leave the kids back at the house). It was all you would expect from a small town race. Everyone knows everyone and people sat on corners and cheered runners on. It was so much fun!

We leave tomorrow to head back home...back to our daily grind. But for this one small moment, we wanted to wish everyone a happy fourth of July...relax and enjoy it!

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