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Friday, July 20, 2012

Another one bites the dust...

Another one bites the dust...and another one gone...and another one gone...

Another one bites the dust...

Sorry for the 80's reference.  It's all I know. 

We have a few more men down here...okay, technically it's the big man and the little girl (who is surprisingly better since yesterday).  My poor husband is just counting down the hours until he feels better.  He keeps telling me..."I'm five hours into this right?"  or "I'm 8 hours into it, almost done, right?"  Sorry honey, everyone is different. 

Still we have a few more to go...we'll see if they can escape the wrath of this thing here.  For now, my older ones are staying away from the rest of us...in hopes for a reprieve from the governor. 

Not likely...kiddos...not likely

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