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Sunday, July 8, 2012

You can muffle her...but you can't turn her off

We take my Mom to Kentucky.  We take her to church.  We take her to Costco, but she's not allowed to go in.  She's too loud and people look at us funny.  Lately, she's been going everywhere with us and I do mean everywhere. 

You see, for my little boy's birthday, my Mom bought and recorded one of those recordable books.  It was a book about Curious George.  The two little ones love it.  I mean REALLY love it...especially our little son.  He can open the book up and my Mom begins to read page by page to him.  Loves, loves, loves it.  He calls it his "Grandmommy book". 

So to tell you the truth we weren't really surprised to find "her" in the car on the way to Kentucky with us...but at the time, it just struck us as really funny. 

Imagine this...

There we were...the entire car was quiet.  Every child was doing something quiet...oh, so rare for us.  Then out of nowhere, comes the booming sound of my Mom's voice.... "Happy Birthday.  This is the story of Curious George..." and on, and on, and on she went.  By the end of 11 hours in the car, I'm pretty sure we all could say the story by heart. 

I had to giggle when my husband leaned over to me and said..."it's nice to know we brought your Mother along with us to Kentucky".

...and to church

...and Costco

...and the grocery...

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  1. Oh so laughing out loud here in Oregon...and wishing I could be there to read it to my little ones in person! But how nice to know that I made the trip with all of you...

    Love you and miss you,