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Monday, July 16, 2012

Iowa Summer Games...

This past weekend our kids participated in the Iowa Summer Games.  It's held up in Ames at Iowa State University and is kind of like a "little" version of the Olympics.  There were a boatload of things going on...from soccer, to basketball, to fencing, to swimming...which is where we come in. 

The swimming part is basically a swim meet with kids from all over the state of Iowa.  And believe me, there was some very stiff competition there.  We are talking state winners, people.

My kids held their own though and I'm so proud.  They brought home several medals and had a blast doing the entire event.  Of course, anytime my kids are in the water they are at their happiest. 

So proud of you my little fishes...

Our little one was such a trooper for the entire weekend...

...waiting to swim

...these two swam in the morning sessions

...bringing home the gold and silver and bronze

...crazy about my crew

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