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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last swim meet of the summer...

Today was our last swim meet of the summer. The kids did great and had a blast. Now we take a few weeks off from swimming before the fall swim season starts back up.

Wait did you hear it??? It's my kids wailing in the background because they won't be swimming for a week or two. Actually for our sanity's sake, we're probably keep them swimming everyday or so anyway. They love it and it's really good exercise for them.

But for this family right now, our next stop is a much needed vacation. We leave in just a couple of days and are headed to New York City.  Let's just see how that city can handle this big ol' loud family...

...our little girl depends on her Daddy at meets

...love this.  Probably talking about "strategy"

...much to "cool" to look at Mom and smile (oh, the teenager)

...taking a break doing a little ipad

...always cute

...our little girl's friend and very close competitor

...love this one so much

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